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Addiction To Alcohol In Alcohol Rehab Leicester Within Leicester

Alcohol can cause both physical and psychological dependence despite it's frequent use all over the world.

In the UK, 3% and 9% of the female and male population respectively, show indications of alcohol addiction according to the NHS. This indicates that they can hardly do without alcohol, taking alcohol for them is needful or the most vital practice in their life.

General symptoms of alcohol dependence, mental and physical consequences and aids.

  • Alcohol addiction contributing factors
  • Lowering risk of alcohol addiction
  • Alcohol dependence and health problems
  • Psychological well-being issues
  • Withdrawal symptoms of Alcohol
  • Four warning signs
  • Maintaining self-control

Dependence on alcohol come in various degrees, and one may not need to drink heavily before this occurs. Your health may be in danger in the long run, if you "need" to take a few pints of alcohol to relax and cure stress at the end of the day, or drink a bottle of wine with your partner few times within the week.

Alcohol dependence could also be setting in. You will begin to develop a mental obsession for alcohol, if you are unable to stay without drinking alcohol. Psychological dependence may quickly be followed by physical dependence which will result in experiencing symptoms of withdrawal such as nausea and sweating if you go for long without alcohol.

Alcohol dependence can be hereditary within the family and there are numerous factors, which can contribute to the dependency on alcohol developed by the individual. The environment around which you grew up and your family's attitude towards alcohol have a major influence despite genetics also playing a role.

Heavy drinking which can lead to alcohol dependence can also arise if you are facing stressful events like a bereavement or losing a job because it can act as a trigger for alcohol consumption.

Addicts suffer a higher mental madness than normal people - especially despair, nervousness, traumatic stress problem, psychological issues and drug abuse.

People medicate themselves with alcohol (even though they run the risk of exacerbating the mental issues in the long run, since alcohol alters the balance of brain chemicals) in order to minimize the side effects of withdrawal.

Other people assume that an alcohol abuse can originate from a concept called 'addictive personality'. This hypothesis does not have much evidence to support it, however.

Increased Alcohol Tolerance Will Be Developed By Your Body If You Engage In Constant Drinking So Periodic Breaks From The Consumption Of Alcohol Are The Only Sure Fire Way Of Avoiding Alcohol Dependence In Alcohol Rehab Leicester

Your system develops a reduced or delayed reaction to alcohol when you consume it frequently. A tolerance is the physiological response from the body for any drug that is consumed: when you consume more the body reacts and demands for more to have the same effect.

Having a drink regularly will induce certain enzymes within your liver, which break up the alcohol. Heavy consumption of alcohol over a period of weeks or months can cause the level of these enzymes to rise, build your tolerance giving you the feeling that you need to consume more to get the desired effects.

Brain systems also become tolerant to alcohol and despite having the ability to walk in a straight line after consuming a huge quantity it simply means that your brain has adapted well to the situation, but the brain cells begin expecting more alcohol the following day. Withdrawal symptoms such as jitteriness and anxiety can occur, and you can find yourselves' consuming more alcohol just to relieve the symptoms.

Your psyche may also depend on alcohol if you engage in daily drinking.

The best way of dealing with this sort of dependence is by not drinking regularly. This is a good way of preventing your body from becoming accustomed to alcohol and will prove helpful in lowering or resetting your tolerance.

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Numerous Health Problems Could Be Caused By Dependence On Alcohol

Your risk of suffering from hypertension, liver and heart problems, and stroke, can be increased when you are addicted to alcohol.

Liver damage can result from high-risk drinking. People suffering from alcohol addiction have a much greater chance of suffering from liver diseases associated with alcohol.

If You Are Obsessed With Nervousness Despair And Self-Annihilation Problems Which Are As A Result Of Alcohol Addiction You May Suffer Mental Illness And Emotional Disorder

People who suffer dependence on alcohol are prone to feelings of suicide, depression and anxiety. The reasons for these conditions are attributed to regular heavy drinking, which can interfere with the neurotransmitters within the brain that are essential for good mental health.

You social life with loved ones can be affected greatly due to alcohol addiction. This could reduce your output at work, and you could also lose your job and your income, if this persists. The depression or anxiety may be worsened by such problems. You will be starting up an evil habit by trying to calm your temper with alcohol.

You should be looking forward to getting professional help when you get the feeling that your mental health is suffering because of your dependency on alcohol and making you feel that you will not be able to stop. You can get in touch with any of the listed institutions at the bottom of the page or start by making an appointment with your physician.

You may become more aggressive due to alcohol.

Physical And Mental Side Effects Of Withdrawal Can Develop From Alcohol Abuse

If you are addicted to alcohol and you quit drinking alcohol abruptly, you might suffer from the termination signs.

The following are the bodily withdrawal side effects:

  • Shaky hands (The shakes)
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Hallucinating (Seeing things which do not exist)
  • In extreme circumstances, Seizures (fits)
  • The following are the mental side effects of withdrawal:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Failure to sleep (Restlessness/Insomnia)

People who have severely developed a dependency on alcohol will usually experience the most potent withdrawal symptoms of the substance. Some individuals use an approach known as 'relief drinking' just to prevent those illnesses.

Before you can completely pull through from the termination signs, it will require from three months up to a year. The brains sensitivity to alcohol still persists even after a full recovery. Therefore, if you begin drinking again you can be certain that the high tolerance to alcohol, and the withdrawal symptoms will return within a few days. For this reason, recovering alcoholics are usually advised not to drink at all.

Alcohol Dependence Facts In Alcohol Rehab Leicester

The percentage of men and women who suffer alcohol dependence in the UK according to NHS is 9% and 3% respectively.

In England, medications released to treat alcohol addicts in 2014 were 194,706.

There were 6592 deaths linked to alcohol in England in 2013.

Four Ways To Know If You Are Addicted To Alcohol In Alcohol Rehab Leicester

  • You could begin to remain concerned about where your next drink is going to come from and begin planning your social, family and work events around alcohol.
  • Discovering that your desire to consume alcohol is becoming compulsive and that you are unable to quit drinking when you commence.
  • Always wanting to take some early pint or consuming alcohol as soon as you get up from the bed.
  • Encountering termination signs like agitations, nausea and sudation, which always subsidizes after you take a pint.

Get further details from our amiable staff using 0800 246 1509 or speak to your physician when you are concerned that you may be experiencing the side effects of alcohol addiction.

Maintaining Self Control In Alcohol Rehab Leicester

Your alcohol consumption can be kept in check when you consume it within the limits set by the guidelines that outline units with minimal risk.

If you wish to cut back:

Deal with stress some other ways than using alcohol. Speak to someone you trust, go jogging or swimming, or meditate rather than grabbing a bottle of glass of an alcoholic beverage when you've had a stressful day.

Know what you're drinking. My Drink aware can alert you that you are abusing alcohol; your liver won't be able to do that. You can even reduce the volume of alcohol you consume with this.

Set certain days aside for activities that don't involve drinking. Your body will become tolerant of alcohol with regular drinking. Because of this, and to avoid alcohol dependence, you are advised to take regular alcohol free days. Take a break from alcohol and see the advantages to your well-being that can come from it.

Dependence Or Abuse In Alcohol Rehab Leicester

Misuse of alcohol and craving of alcohol are usually applied in same context but medically, there is clear difference between them. These terms involve serious abuse of alcohol and are likely to cause real damage to the health and well-being of the individual. Once the addiction takes root, people with alcohol misuse issues lose control, but without the addiction, they can usually control themselves on some level.

Binge consumption of alcohol that has noticeable negative consequences on an individual's life is what is known as alcohol misuse. Examples of alcohol abuse include failure to fulfill work, family or social obligations because of the recurrent drinking, encounters with the law or emergency services arising out of excessive use of alcohol or regularly combining physically hazardous situations along with alcohol to indulge in driving or operating machinery.

The addicts will normally abandon their functions, friends and loved ones, due to drinking because dependence on alcohol will become so significant in their life. When an increased volume of alcohol is required to get the same result, dependence is setting in. Thoughts of alcohol will occupy most of their time, and actions aimed at accessing, using, and recovering hangover will take much of people's time when dependence becomes more severe. Suddenly it becomes obvious that they can hardly do without alcohol once this addiction takes control over them. Soon enough the person will be drinking just to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

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