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Alcohol Dependence and Abuse

Alcohol abuse has the highest number of addicts in the UK. There are severe problems that can be caused by alcoholism and since taking alcohol is accepted socially, many people tend to be in denial about their addiction.

What Is Alcohol

Alcohol can decrease stress and self-consciousness and it is not illegal material in the UK. There are many side effects including lack of coordination, slurred speech and vomiting.

A person isn't considered an alcoholic just because they take alcohol but if the alcohol is having a negative impact on a person's life regularly, they are said to have an alcohol use problem. The alcoholic drink may be in the form of beer, wine or hard Alcohol.

Beer Abuse And Addiction

The main ingredients in the alcoholic drink beer are water, barley, hops and yeast Beer usually has the lowest alcohol volume of all the alcohol variants.

The ABV of beer ranges between 2 and 12 percent; the most common types of beer including Budweiser, Coors, Light, Miller, Lite, Corona, Busch all have an ABV between 4 and 6 percent. Some people believe that it takes from two to three beers to be above the authorized driving limit.

Britain's drink beer during many social activities. Events which are held in college campuses, any sports events, or any professional dinner drinking alcohol is the norm.

The rise of small independent brewers has promoted beer drinking as the in thing especially with the home brewers coming up with new flavors and tastes all the time. The downside of beers brewed by the pub are that they are often higher in alcohol volume.

Those who consume craft beer in their social lives, are suspect to have alcohol disorder. Some evidences of an issue can be keep drinking when everybody has stopped or the sensation that you must drink during painful or uninteresting circumstances. Get help for beer compulsion now.

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Abuse And Addiction Of Wine

The juice fruits like grapes, pomegranates and berries when it's fermented become wine. Wine can be either white, red or rose.

In the white wine category, we have Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Moscato while the red kinds include: Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. The various wines are based on the type of grape they are made from.

Wine has a more concentrated quantity of alcohol in comparison to beer. A typical measure of wine (5 oz.) is similar to 12 oz. of beer. Mostly wine is consumed at parties and with gourmet cheese and wafer pairings. Wine is considered as a classy drink so it can be difficult to know or detect that someone has a problem.

64% of women in the UK drink wine as opposed to 33% of men. So it became clear that women might be utilizing wine excessively. Men do get addicted to wine too. You need to consider the possibility that there may be a problem if you or someone you know has been drinking more wine than usual or consuming wine to deal with anxiousness or depression. Get help for a wine compulsion now.

Alcohol Abuse And Dependency

Alcohol is used as umbrella term for intense alcoholic drinks like tequila, vodka, gin, rum and whiskey. Spirits are often mixed with soda, juices and water and has more ABV than wine or beer. A standard measure of a spirit is 25ml. A shot is when a shot glass is filled with a spirit and consumed neat. Carbonation accelerates the digestion of alcohol into the bloodstream, so drinking Alcohol combined with soda may provoke a faster intoxication. The inferior liquid volume of shots make them simple to drink, resulting in a higher chance of abuse and following drunkenness.

People who have been drinking alcohol for a long time claim that different drinks cause different forms of intoxication. This however hasn't been proven scientifically with studies showing that the kind of drink consumed doesn't result in different effects. Yet, the environment in which people intake alcoholic drinks may influence the people's sensitivity towards drunkenness. Doing shots of tequila at a party that is highly charged can have a wide variety of effects while a person who's just having their wine at dinner will likely feel happy or tired.

A person who feels like they can't start or finish their day without a particular drink is likely to be suffering from serious alcohol use disorder. No matter what type of alcohol is consumed the risk of addiction is the same. Get support for a alcohol addiction today.

Defining Binge Drinking

Binge drinking involves consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short time period i.e. five or more for men and four or more for women within two hours. The occasional binge drinkers might be able to stop drinking by themselves. Sometimes the users may find it difficult to quit alcohol without any type of help. Alcoholism can easily develop if a person binge drinks for an extended period.

Instant Impacts Of Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant and affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) which slows down the brain and the bodies processes. From the very first alcoholic drink consumption the drinker may have a sense of calm as feelings of stress start to disappear. The reason alcohol is also known as a social lubricant is that shy users suddenly develop boldness to socialize and often will not mind what others think about them.

The legality of drinking alcohol and its availability has made it the line thin in determining when one is drinking it within acceptable limits and when one is abusing it. When alcohol causes harmful actions, its consumption has then become abuse. Part of the negative complications of alcohol use are:

  • Physical injury or disease
  • Stressful relationships
  • Work problems
  • Financial problems

If the abuse gets more often, it may increase into addiction.

Alcohol Dependency

If someone has a desire for alcohol or just can't stop drinking even it creates harmful personal or social effects. Desire to quit drinking but unable to do so, become tolerant to alcohol, drinking more than you think, experiencing the withdrawal signs when not drinking, overlooking and forgetting the responsibilities at home or work and wasting time in search of alcohol and drinking are the main symptoms of alcohol obsession. To find out if you may have a drinking problem, try taking our quiz.

High-Functioning Alcoholics

There are people classified as high-functioning alcoholics. The high-functioning drinker have the ability to stay the Alcohol abuse from their personal and professional lives.

Many alcoholics are high-functioning alcoholics as reported in the New York Times article. Attorneys, professors, and medical professionals form the bigger part of this group.

A high-functioning alcoholic may not notice they are addicted till they encounter a problem traceable to alcohol. The problem can be that this type of alcoholic can continue drinking in the same way for many years without realising they have a problem.

Mixing Alcohol With Other Drugs

Alcohol is used with other drugs and it is very common nowadays. Alcohol when mixed with other drugs can become a serious issue. Alcohol alone can be dangerous, however when it's mixed with other elements it may prove deadly.

Alcohol Abuse And Addiction In Numbers

Find Help For Alcohol Addiction Now

You are not alone in the treatment process. Some people find it difficult to fight with alcohol addiction or hard to quit alcohol on their own. There are a lot of specialists and support groups created to get you the assistance you need. With the assistance of a committed medical care center, your possibilities of achieving full recuperation will increase. Contact one now on 0800 246 1509.