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The programme is simple and private.

You will get a friendly and affectionate welcome when you get admitted to our centre for rehab. In most cases, admissions need to be pre-reserved, but we can take in a new admission within one day of making a reservation.

Referrals are recognized from a healthcare professional, the client and a loved one. We'll make sure that our employees are ready to welcome you as soon as the booking has been confirmed.

Once you arrive at our clinic the first step is to familiarise yourself with the clinical team as well as your surrounding which includes the layout of our facility. You'll be given a welcome pack which will contain instructions regarding everything you need be familiar with during your entire admission at Alcohol Rehab Leicester, as well as a schedule of all of treatment sessions. If are not able to drive towards our facility on your own, please give us a call.

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First 24 Hours Upon Admission

In the course of the very first 24 hours, we'll make arrangements for you to visit our detoxification specialist psychiatrist.

A complete evaluation will be performed here about your psychological and medical treatment requirements. A full detox regimen will be prescribed if required. The detox will then be carried out and controlled by our medical experts under a rigorous protocol.

Please don't forget that you need to provide us with details about your physician's surgery and that you must bring with you any medications if you are currently taking them.

Your psychiatrist will then suggest and emphasise any aspect of your medical care programme which needs more focus. We will make sure that anything that is emphasized or suggested is then included into your denoted treatment procedure because it is important to us that while you stay with us all of your rehabilitation requirements are fulfilled. We will ensure that you are getting the highest standard care at any time and your treatment plan will then be constantly evaluated by our clinical director, counsellors and clinical personnel.

Our friendly staff will then help you settle in once your assessment has been completed. We completely get that this is a really scary and tough period for most people, however our team are available to provide encouragement and guidance 24/7.